Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Deqoya Schmooze Award - 2015

In conjunction with DEQOYA 2nd anniversary on 30th November 2015, we have selected 5 winners based on the best caption & pictures that they have posted in their respective IG & FB.


Feedbacks and testimonials received via content are genuine. DEQOYA Schmooze Award is not a contest but our appreciation for you.


The award shall be an annual event where winners shall receive blouses that are specifically designed.


Congrats to our winners!



This picture is a reminder that DEQOYA is a small family business. Still considered being new, we strive to grow in happiness and safety and learn to love others selflessly. We strive to build a relationship with our customers as a family unit reflecting virtues.




When we start the clothing business, instead of focusing on genres, styles, cutting, colors, patterns, etc., we focus on the fabric. After all, clothes are made of fabric and the fabric is the major determination of quality. Quality underlines all the factors when shopping because without quality, the true value is little. Hence, we look into quality fabric that gives enjoyable experience, feel better and can make someone more confident particularly in the tropical climate.

The ig picture above demonstrates the ultimate test to our signature pearl crepe fabric that is cooling and breathing under the sun by the beach.


We were stunned and blessed as we get the opportunity to gaze upon this absolute jaw dropping scenery and it is a worthwhile feeling to see Deqoya as part of the scene.



The ig picture above proves that our customer-base is in a wider spectrum that we thought.


Creativity is the heart of every successful business. We are glad that creativity is the expression between us and our customers in so many ways.



Deqoya is still in the stage of strengthening business fundamentals. We initiated by being the butterfly eggs laid on the leaves of plants and we hatched but not yet as butterflies but caterpillars. Today, Deqoya perhaps is in the coolest stage of a butterfly life – being in a pupa stage. At this stage we are not resting as the inside is where all of the actions are rapidly changing internally. 


The ig picture above reflects what we at Deqoya strive to become. 


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